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Animated 3D mockups for your app designs

No 3d experience required - unlimited free trial - macOS 10.13 and newer


Too busy to learn After Effects or Cinema 4D?

Rotato is an app for your Mac that lets you create, capture, and animate 3D mockups for your digital designs in a matter of seconds.

Join designers, product managers, marketers from great companies like Shopify, Starbucks, Uber, Sketch, Google, Adobe, Apple, and Dropbox.


OMG I never thought I'll be able to create a video like this within 10 minutes with just clicking a couple of buttons!

Daniel Korpai, InVision - on Twitter

Wow, I’m blown away

Howard Pinsky, Adobe on Twitter

This is game-changing!

Léo Vallet on Twitter

I generated a new tiny presentation video in a matter of seconds instead of hours of fighting against AE

Marcos Griselli, open source iOS developer - on Twitter

By far the easiest mockup tool I've ever seen and the quality is excellent

Shaun Stewart, VP, - on Twitter